Hi, I'm Liam Labell.

I am a

About Me

My name is Liam Labell. I am a fullstack web developer from Surrey, Canada. My hobbies include coding, listening to music, playing video games, exploring nature and hanging out with my friends. And my pronouns are he/him. I like to spend time working on software. I am currently focusing on developing various open-source projects. I am working to make the web a better place with my friends. Music is love and music is life.

"He said one day you'll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember. These are the nights that never die." - Avicii

Stay well, stay real friends. 💜

My Portfolio

Here is a collection of various projects and software I have made or contributed to.



I am a long time contributor @ Jexactyl. I have added features and functionality and I helped out greatly with the initial development of the project.

Kiyo Anime

Kiyo Anime

Kiyo is an archived anime streaming website project with an intuitive UI and UX that I developed as a full-stack developer.

Fyre Software


FyreNodes was a hosting company that allowed users to host their projects cheaply in popular languages. FyreNodes was founded in 2021 and incorporated in 2022.

Skills & Experience

Here is my programming knowledge as well as my experience with cloud platforms.


I am proficient in JavaScript with over 4 years of experience writing backend web applications and various bots with Node.js. As well as writing frontend applications with vanilla JS.


I have been using TypeScript syntax and language features for over 2 and a half years for both backends and frontend web applications. I now use TS over JS in almost all scenarios.


With over 3 and a half years of experience using document based database solutions like MongoDB I now use it daily, and it is my preferred database solution.

PHP (Laravel)

I have over 3 years of experience coding Laravel and over a year of vanilla PHP experience building fullstack web applications.

React JS & TS

With over 3 years coding in React I have become very good at the library building frontend web applications in both JavaScript and TypeScript.


I have been using SQL based database solutions for over 2 years. I have a solid understanding and skills using SQL syntax and databases with many applications.

Amazon Web Services

I have been using AWS for over a year now, over this time I have become very familiar with services such as EC2, S3, VPC, IAM and others. I also use EC2 and S3 quite often for my projects.


I have been coding medium to advanced sites with HTML for over a 2 years now. I typically code basic sites with HTML and more advanced ones with a library like React.


With over a year and a half of Bootstrap CSS experience and over a year with TailwindCSS I have become very familiar with multiple implementations of CSS.